Winter Must Have’s

In case you have not noticed… it is cold! For that very reason this is the time of year when I struggle with fashion. There are a lot of layers required to stay warm when it is 4 degrees out. In my opinion, there are a couple of trends this season that can help you to stay warm while looking good.



Adding a stylish jacket is a perfect way to up your game during the winter season. Fake fur is making a come back while leather is always a classic look. Although you wouldn’t be able to wear these as your only jacket of the evening, they will keep you warm inside and add an extra flare to your outfit.


Turtlenecks are also gaining some steam this winter season. This is the perfect item to wear with layered necklaces or a sweater. They definitely keep you warm! I am speaking from experience.



Adding a fun accessory is another way to spice up your winter wardrobe. Collar clips are one fixture that I have really been enjoying. These two photos not only show how different color clips can be, but also the different ways you can wear them. Add the accessory to your standard color shirt or on a sweater.


Fur Jacket by ASOS, Leather Jacket by Nordstrom, Turtleneck by L.L. Bean, Triangle Collar Clip by Lepun, and Round Color Clip by Alison Michel


Holiday Wish List

Has anyone else been super busy getting into the holiday season?! As soon as I got over my turkey coma the tree was decorated and the lights were up! With so much to do I wanted to share some of my must-have items for those who need some last minute gift ideas.

Maroon is a perfect color for getting into the holiday spirit. It say’s “I’m festive!” without having to commit to the bright holiday colors.

Accessories are always a great way to spice up an outfit. Pair a chunky one with a high neck to add some texture. A longer delicate necklace can be paired with an outfit that has a deeper neckline.

The turtle neck dress and the boots allow you to stay stylish and warm as the colder weather approaches. I currently own those boots and am so satisfied with the quality, while the dress has been on my wish list for a while (hint hint!).

Check out the blog next week for holiday party outfit ideas. I’ll keep them coming all month long!


Maroon dress by ASOS, Black and Long Necklace by FOREVER 21, Boots by Clarks, Grey Dress by FOREVER 21