The Cove

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Pom Pom’s, winter warmth, blended wool and vogue are a few words to describe The Cove. This New England based business churns out handmade knitwear using a variety of wool.

Kelly, Founder of The Cove, typically crochet’s with an acrylic wool blend. She let me know that this specific wool is marvelously versatile, easy to care for and not to mention soft to the touch. Some of my favorite pieces are the Pom Pom hats with matching scarves and fingerless mittens. If you are looking for something a bit more luxe, she also makes knit hats with Peruvian wool which are topped with a fluffy pom pom.

Full disclosure, Kelly, Founder and CEO of The Cove, is one of my best friends so I may be a bit biased in regards to her products. Feel free to check out her stuff and make up your mind for yourself! Follow her on Instagram @TheCove_NH or contact her on


The Cove