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Mixing Styles




By now many are comfortable mixing patterns and likely do it on a daily basis. Another fun way to push the buttons of fashion is to mix styles. This ensemble mixes comfortable casual with business button up. The leather Vans combine a classic fabric with classic colors. Black and white provides a great foundation to be creative with the rest of an outfit. The shoes also set the tone for the more relaxed part of the look. The material of the jean continues with that trend to stretch and give when the wearer moves. The Victorian inspired top brings the touch of elegance to this overall casual outfit with layers of silky fabric. The folds add another dimension allowing the shirt to puff away from the body, adding a wonderful artistic flare. Don’t worry; the top is still loose enough to move.

Shoes by Vans, Jeans by UNIQLO, Top by Zara


2017 Spring Publications

Wow! 2017 has certainly been busy so far! Not only have I been able to complete my Masters of Business Administration, but I also had be privilege to write for two amazing local magazines.

FullSizeRender (1)

The first is Style Queue magazine. This publication is based in Portsmouth, NH, however, their coverage’s stretches from Newburyport, MA to Ogunquit, Maine. They deliver the best fashion insight in the seacoast area. Inside you will find local designers, interviews with local style icons and more! My specific article gives you spring outfit inspiration with clothes and accessories from local stores. Click here to visit their archives online and pick up the 2017 spring issue in stores.

FullSizeRender (2)

The second is Around Concord, which can be found around the capital of New Hampshire, Concord, and the surrounding towns. This magazine covers food, arts, local events and more! My specific article covers spring fashion trends featuring five local businesses. You will find everything from business casual, to work out attire. Click here to see the magazine online or pick up your copy at some local companies! Like the photos? Check out Kevin Hardman’s page.

I have had amazing experiences working with the local businesses in each article. If you like what you see, feel free to visit them directly!

Style Queue Collaborators

Tayla Mac Boutique, Club Boutique & City Shoes, Christine’s, The Cove

Around Concord Collaborators

Indigo Blues & Co, Runner’s Alley, Bravo Boutique, Lilise



Spring Stripes




Stripes are making a comeback this spring season in a big and bold way. From larger stripes to red and yellow colors according to most fashion websites this is one of the trends this year. I decided to give it a try! This beautiful red and white button up plays with the size of the strips it has a tie off to the side, which you can wear up in a bow or down. This outfit can be worn out on the town or to spice up your work attire. Overall, I am feeling this new trend!


Shirt by a local thrift store, Pants by Uniqlo, Shoes by Target


Winter Must Have’s

In case you have not noticed… it is cold! For that very reason this is the time of year when I struggle with fashion. There are a lot of layers required to stay warm when it is 4 degrees out. In my opinion, there are a couple of trends this season that can help you to stay warm while looking good.



Adding a stylish jacket is a perfect way to up your game during the winter season. Fake fur is making a come back while leather is always a classic look. Although you wouldn’t be able to wear these as your only jacket of the evening, they will keep you warm inside and add an extra flare to your outfit.


Turtlenecks are also gaining some steam this winter season. This is the perfect item to wear with layered necklaces or a sweater. They definitely keep you warm! I am speaking from experience.



Adding a fun accessory is another way to spice up your winter wardrobe. Collar clips are one fixture that I have really been enjoying. These two photos not only show how different color clips can be, but also the different ways you can wear them. Add the accessory to your standard color shirt or on a sweater.


Fur Jacket by ASOS, Leather Jacket by Nordstrom, Turtleneck by L.L. Bean, Triangle Collar Clip by Lepun, and Round Color Clip by Alison Michel


Yellow and Dusty Pink





Dusty pink and bright yellow are one of the many trends sweeping the fall runway. This is not a color combination I would typically gravitate towards, even in the warmer seasons. In order to challenge myself I decided to give it a try. Paired above is a yellow long sleeve with a turtleneck sleeveless dress. Share your thoughts on this outfit in the comments below!


Long Sleeve by The Loft, Dress by H&M, Shoes by H&M


Runway Makeup

Runway makeup is amazingly beautiful. How the makeup is applied brings the outfit to another level and contributes to the message the designer is presenting to the audience. Most of the time this type of makeup stays on the runway and magazines. Below are some examples of how this makeup can be translated into everyday fashion.



Many times the runway make up is applied to more than just the eyelid. Brightly colored eyeliner is a perfect way to control the application of the color. The eyeliner can be used to create designs, such as a small cateye, that will help to embody the runway feel without leaving your eyelid.



Gold is always a fun color to play with! This particular color needs to be applied in the right way to ensure that it doesn’t steal the show. Applying the color and using black eyeliner as an accompaniment will balance out the bright sparkles.



This pink color is absolutely beautiful and one that isn’t used that often. Pink can be a harder color to incorporate to everyday where. Try to use a bright pink but applying it sparingly to your eye.



Blue Eyeliner by Covergirl, Pink Eye Shadow By Clinique, Gold Eye Shadow By Stila


My Style

Orange Patterned Coat






I am determined to keep moving forward with spring despite the snow that just hit New England. Lucky for me it melted just in time for this week’s blog post! My outfit shows exactly where I am in the season.

With one foot in spring, I tried to use the colors that I am excited to start seeing once things start to blossom and bloom! The other foot is still unfortunately in winter, and I still need to have a layered ensemble.

I love to have contrasting shapes in my outfits and thus, the round glasses were a great match with the straight lines in the coat.


Coat by Winding River, Shirt by Banana Republic, Pants by UNIQLO, Shoes by Kenneth Cole, Sunglasses by Target