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Mixing Styles




By now many are comfortable mixing patterns and likely do it on a daily basis. Another fun way to push the buttons of fashion is to mix styles. This ensemble mixes comfortable casual with business button up. The leather Vans combine a classic fabric with classic colors. Black and white provides a great foundation to be creative with the rest of an outfit. The shoes also set the tone for the more relaxed part of the look. The material of the jean continues with that trend to stretch and give when the wearer moves. The Victorian inspired top brings the touch of elegance to this overall casual outfit with layers of silky fabric. The folds add another dimension allowing the shirt to puff away from the body, adding a wonderful artistic flare. Don’t worry; the top is still loose enough to move.

Shoes by Vans, Jeans by UNIQLO, Top by Zara


2017 Spring Publications

Wow! 2017 has certainly been busy so far! Not only have I been able to complete my Masters of Business Administration, but I also had be privilege to write for two amazing local magazines.

FullSizeRender (1)

The first is Style Queue magazine. This publication is based in Portsmouth, NH, however, their coverage’s stretches from Newburyport, MA to Ogunquit, Maine. They deliver the best fashion insight in the seacoast area. Inside you will find local designers, interviews with local style icons and more! My specific article gives you spring outfit inspiration with clothes and accessories from local stores. Click here to visit their archives online and pick up the 2017 spring issue in stores.

FullSizeRender (2)

The second is Around Concord, which can be found around the capital of New Hampshire, Concord, and the surrounding towns. This magazine covers food, arts, local events and more! My specific article covers spring fashion trends featuring five local businesses. You will find everything from business casual, to work out attire. Click here to see the magazine online or pick up your copy at some local companies! Like the photos? Check out Kevin Hardman’s page.

I have had amazing experiences working with the local businesses in each article. If you like what you see, feel free to visit them directly!

Style Queue Collaborators

Tayla Mac Boutique, Club Boutique & City Shoes, Christine’s, The Cove

Around Concord Collaborators

Indigo Blues & Co, Runner’s Alley, Bravo Boutique, Lilise


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Baseball Hats






Baseball hats are moving from workout gear to fashion accessory. Many starlets are wearing baseball hats with heals for a night out of the town. While I would not recommend high heals and hats there are plenty of other ways to incoporate this accessory.

One can go the casual route with harem pants, short boots, and a baggy sweater. An ensemble that looks effortless and put together at the same time. The other is to dress up the hat a bit more with jeans, leather coat or zip up jacket, and boots. Both ways allow the wearer to work a baseball hat into an everyday look.


Outfit 1:

Harem pants by H&M, Sweater by The Loft, Shirt by Target, Boots by dolce vita, Hat by Walmart

Outfit 2:

Boots by Frye, Jeans by Uniqlo, Shirt by Beyoncé, Jacket by GAP, Hat by Walmart


Fall Must Haves



Pumpkin is not just for latte’s this season. This rustic orange color is perfect for the changing of leaves, and colder weather. This specific example is a long sleeve shirt from H&M, however, skirts, jackets, lipstick or accessories are all a perfect canvases for the pumpkin color.


Nothing screams comfort and warmth like fur accessories. Faux fur is in for the fall season. I recently picked up a similar number and it is perfect! The fur also helps to spice up your typical fall accessories. Headbands, earmuffs and gloves are great ways to add a little fur to a fall outfit.


Fall doesn’t immediately produce thoughts of floral patterns, typically that is for spring. However, floral fabrics are big this fall! This new trend is already taken hold of many stores and is present in fall lines.


Top by H&M, Scarf by ASOS and Dress by The Loft

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Halter Swing Dress




It is sad to say that we are nearing the end of the summer season. Despite this fact I will be holding on to it as long as possible. The color and shape of this dress help remind me that we still have a few more months of summer. I have really been liking dresses with a higher neckline  lately, and  although the bottom is loose and flowy the top still has some figure.  The bright color, the flower print and fit of the dress make it fun and say that summer is still around for a little while longer!


Dress by Old Navy


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Bathing Suit Season




Before you ask, yes, I have a large sunburn on my arm. We keep it real at Calla Lynne – now on to the point of this post. The end of the summer is the best time to purchase a new bathing suit. Everything is starting to go on sale. This allows for two things to happen 1) The suits you thought were out of your price range are now right back within it. 2) You can be more adventurous and try a style that you may not have normally! This post is about the latter.

I typically wouldn’t have pictured myself in this bathing suit. However, I am very excited that I was able to try a plunging neckline. Combined with the timelessness of the color black, this suit is just the right mix of old and new. The gold neckpiece at the top holding up the suit adds an elegant accent.


Bathing Suit by ASOS

My Style

Flowy summer shirts







There is nothing better than a flowy shirt in the summer time to keep you cool. Recently The Loft had a 50% off sale and I scored big! I love the neckline on this because it looks like a typical scoop neck on the front and has a higher neck on the back. The pattern is very unique, almost a mix between a snake skin print and plaid. It also sinks into the background and lets the light blue stand out if you are far enough away from the viewer. Wearing a skinnier pant and having your hair back allows the shirt to be center stage.


Sunglasses by Spitfire, Shirt by The Loft, Pants by UNIQLO, Bag by Target, Sandals by Havaianas