Holiday Wish List

Has anyone else been super busy getting into the holiday season?! As soon as I got over my turkey coma the tree was decorated and the lights were up! With so much to do I wanted to share some of my must-have items for those who need some last minute gift ideas.

Maroon is a perfect color for getting into the holiday spirit. It say’s “I’m festive!” without having to commit to the bright holiday colors.

Accessories are always a great way to spice up an outfit. Pair a chunky one with a high neck to add some texture. A longer delicate necklace can be paired with an outfit that has a deeper neckline.

The turtle neck dress and the boots allow you to stay stylish and warm as the colder weather approaches. I currently own those boots and am so satisfied with the quality, while the dress has been on my wish list for a while (hint hint!).

Check out the blog next week for holiday party outfit ideas. I’ll keep them coming all month long!


Maroon dress by ASOS, Black and Long Necklace by FOREVER 21, Boots by Clarks, Grey Dress by FOREVER 21

My Style

Oversized Sweater & Blue Top


Thanksgiving, the time of year when you eat as much food as you can in hopes of making the delicious taste of gravy, mashed potatoes and turkey last all year long. As we grow closer I start to think about putting together a stylish outfit that still allows me to meet my goal of tasting everything on the table and then making it to dessert after. With this in mind comfort is essential. The flowy blue top allows one to be comfortable and still look chic. The oversized grey sweater is so warm it is like wearing a blanket at the table. The tight fitted jeans and boots balance out the loose nature of the top half of the outfit.


Sweater by LOFT, Shirt by Banana Republic, Pants by LOFT, Shoes by H&M