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Brown Leather Jacket





Between the scorching hot summer and snow-covered winters is the perfect temperature to wear a leather jacket. This jacket has the ability to set the tone for an outfit. In this specific example the casual shirt, jeans, boot and scarf are elevated to a level just above casual. So I guess we could call this casual fancy. The jacket also acts as a layer, ensuring that the wearer is content in any type of weather. So get yourself a nice leather jacket, pair it with comfortable T-shirt, Jeans and boot and enjoy this perfect time of year.


Jacket by Vera Pelle, Shirt by GAP, Jeans by Levi, Boot by Steve Madden, Scarf by H&M

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Mixing Styles




By now many are comfortable mixing patterns and likely do it on a daily basis. Another fun way to push the buttons of fashion is to mix styles. This ensemble mixes comfortable casual with business button up. The leather Vans combine a classic fabric with classic colors. Black and white provides a great foundation to be creative with the rest of an outfit. The shoes also set the tone for the more relaxed part of the look. The material of the jean continues with that trend to stretch and give when the wearer moves. The Victorian inspired top brings the touch of elegance to this overall casual outfit with layers of silky fabric. The folds add another dimension allowing the shirt to puff away from the body, adding a wonderful artistic flare. Don’t worry; the top is still loose enough to move.

Shoes by Vans, Jeans by UNIQLO, Top by Zara

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Red Floral Dress





As a red head I have always steered away from bright red clothing. I decided to try and change my way of thinking about the color. My first attempt was with this beautiful patterned dress. The floral pattern with blue and green colors break up the bright red background. This can help you to wear a color that you may not normally be comfortable with. While I may not be wearing a solid color red dress any time soon, I will definitely be incorporating more red patterned pieces into my wardrobe.


Dress by The Loft, Boots by TJ Maxx

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Leather Vans

vans 1

vans 2



A reoccurring theme in blog is looking good while being comfortable. This outfit fits right in with that sentiment. The base of the outfit is the leather vans and these shoes were the inspiration for the rest of the pieces. The lighter jean compliments the warmer weather and colors of the summer season. The jeans also break up the dark color of the shirt and the shoe. The black V-nick tank top ensures that this outfit can go from a day time bbq to late night drinks. There are a few things you can do to help transform this outfit to the event your attending. For example choose a darker lipstick and big flashy earrings to dress this up a bit. If you are doing out for a casual event try a lighter lipstick or no lipstick with a smaller earring.


Earrings by Calla Lynne, Top by ASOS, Jeans by Mavi, shoes by Vans

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Blue Flower Dress

blog hat 1

blog hat 3

blog hat 2

blog hat 4

This outfit encompasses two things that I have been really into lately; patterns and hats. The bright blue flower pattern of the dress really plays into the warmer colors that you will see this time of year. Most of us tend to gravitate more towards the warmer colored tops and patterns as the temperature increases. However, patterns are a great way to combine several colors that you may not have thought of pairing, no matter what the time of year.

As mentioned, hats are a fun accessory that I have been enjoying. A hat can change the whole feel of an outfit. Especially depending on the style of a hat. This specific hat has a beautiful leather bow on the side, which ties into the femininity of the dress. The hat combined with the boots makes me feel like I should be strolling through a farmers market or enjoying some other fun outdoor event.


Hat by Yellow 108, Dress by The Loft, Shoes by Clarks

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Floral Jacket



I know we are only in February, but I am already thinking of warmer weather. Since we have a little while until we get there it is time to work some color into your outfit. In this outfit I have decided to mix up a typical business casual look with a floral blazer. This silky number will definitely help hold you over until spring. If flowers aren’t your thing, play around with bright colors, patterns, or both. Pair with a neutral top and jeans for the casual part of the outfit.


Shirt by Banana Republic, Pants by Uniqlo, Blazer by ASOS, Shoes by Old Navy, Necklace from Indigo Blues & Co.

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New Years Eve





New Year’s Eve marks the time of resolutions and new beginnings. Celebrations range from a night out on the town to a night in with friends. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you ring in the new year with style! My forever resolution is to combine comfort with looking good. To incorporate this into my NYE look I decided to give a classic fashion trend my own twist.

A black dress is a timeless base for a New Year’s outfit. This neutral color allows accessories and makeup to do the talking. To accompany this black dress I choose this wonderful jacket, which I found at a thrift store. It is the perfect color to liven up the outfit (not to mention it will keep you warm!). In addition, I have chosen sparkly eye shadow and comfortable maroon shoes. This way I look good and feel good.


Dress by Forever21, Jacket by Venesha, Clip by ASOS, Shoes by H&M, Lips by Kylie Cosmetics