Runway Makeup

Runway makeup is amazingly beautiful. How the makeup is applied brings the outfit to another level and contributes to the message the designer is presenting to the audience. Most of the time this type of makeup stays on the runway and magazines. Below are some examples of how this makeup can be translated into everyday fashion.



Many times the runway make up is applied to more than just the eyelid. Brightly colored eyeliner is a perfect way to control the application of the color. The eyeliner can be used to create designs, such as a small cateye, that will help to embody the runway feel without leaving your eyelid.



Gold is always a fun color to play with! This particular color needs to be applied in the right way to ensure that it doesn’t steal the show. Applying the color and using black eyeliner as an accompaniment will balance out the bright sparkles.



This pink color is absolutely beautiful and one that isn’t used that often. Pink can be a harder color to incorporate to everyday where. Try to use a bright pink but applying it sparingly to your eye.



Blue Eyeliner by Covergirl, Pink Eye Shadow By Clinique, Gold Eye Shadow By Stila



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