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Bathing Suit Season




Before you ask, yes, I have a large sunburn on my arm. We keep it real at Calla Lynne – now on to the point of this post. The end of the summer is the best time to purchase a new bathing suit. Everything is starting to go on sale. This allows for two things to happen 1) The suits you thought were out of your price range are now right back within it. 2) You can be more adventurous and try a style that you may not have normally! This post is about the latter.

I typically wouldn’t have pictured myself in this bathing suit. However, I am very excited that I was able to try a plunging neckline. Combined with the timelessness of the color black, this suit is just the right mix of old and new. The gold neckpiece at the top holding up the suit adds an elegant accent.


Bathing Suit by ASOS


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