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Summer Hair Style


The hot summer weather has finally hit in New England. Hair is beautiful, unique, and does not help to cool you down during a scorcher. For those of you who have not yet mastered the art of French braiding, or at least the small French braid that everyone seems to uses as a headband, try this twist. Its similar to braiding, however, it is much easier.


Starting at your part, grab a bit of hair and bring it about an inch behind your hairline.


Next, grab the hair that is just underneath it and fold it over the top of the previous section of hair.


Using the two original strands repeat this process of folding over while adding additional hair into the twist as you move towards the back of your head…

…for a half back,


or towards the back of your head for a low bun.

This hair style adds a fun twist and keeps your hair out of your face!


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