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Ballerina Shirt






This week’s blog post brings us one step closer to spring!! I have been a big fan of the bold floral prints that have been making their way onto the shelves. This shirt takes it ones step further by using a bold print that you may not expect to see. Many designers have been using ballerinas, pineapples, or parrots to make the item stand out from the rest. Pairing it with a solid colored bottom allows the fun shirt to be the center of attention.


Shirt by H&M, Skirt by Target, Shoes by Target


2 thoughts on “Ballerina Shirt

  1. You’re a great model for whimsical fashion. You have a very dreamy natural look 🙂
    I have been seeing the pineapples but not the ballerinas. I actually thought the ballerinas on your shirt were the birds of paradise flower. This looks rad! Definitely inspires me to seek out a palm tree patterned blouse for sure!

    I also have a blog at, related to modeling, traveling and art that I would appreciate if you checked out 🙂
    Support women and the creative community! Much love sister!


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