Under Amour and Hot Chillys (not just for working out)




If you couldn’t tell from my posts this winter season, staying warm is something that is essential for me. I spend many hours finding sweaters, tops and other ways to keep warm. One secret of mine is that I wear Under Armour and Hot Chillys under my clothes. I own a top from Under Armour and stretch pants from Hot Chillys. Both of these are great for wearing under dresses, pants, tops and anything else you would normally wear. It is a thin enough layer that no one would notice. The only issue that you may run into is that the neckline of the top could be lower than the under layer. In this case, just add a scarf! One last thing I do is purchase Smarwool socks in a plain black. This is another great way to stay warm while having a classic black sock at work or when you are going out.


Top and bottoms by Under Armour and Hot Chillys, Socks by Smartwool


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