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Halloween is a time of year when everyone gets to be something/someone else for a day (or more depending on how many Halloween parties you are invited to). I always try to spread the holiday out over as many weeks as I can however, and love to find different ways to show some Halloween spirit!

I used Sally Hansen nail art pen to adorn my nails with some classic Halloween imagery, Frankenstein, spiders and, webs. Those little lines become less intimidating than it would be with a brush. The spider in my hair is from Michael’s. You can glue the bottom of it to a hair elastic or clip it in with bobby pins (as I did). Last but not least, the make up! Witches always come to mind this time of year, so green eyes and poison apple red lips inspired this look.

Adding some life to your nails, wearing fun make up, and throwing some flair in that hair are all subtle ways to say “Halloween is my fav!”. Take these ideas and make them your own, by adding different Halloween portraits to your nails or picking a different character for your up do. I think next time I’m painting them white and adding ghosts on them! – Feel free to steal that though…

Need more ideas for your celebration? Check out for more Halloween fun.


Nail Polish by Essie, Sally Hansen nail art pen, & Hair Flair by Michaels


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