Fashion’s Night Out in Portsmouth, N.H.

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I created this blog for inspiration and to have a way to express myself. If this post doesn’t embody that, then I don’t think one will. These pictures are from Fashion’s Night Out in Portsmouth, N.H. this past Thursday. Each dress was custom fitted to each individual and was inspired by a specific flower. The color and flowers on the dresses were chosen to embody that same flower.

My dress was designed with the Angel Trumpet in mind. A gorgeous flower that is thin and tight at the top and eventually flairs out at the bottom, much like a trumpet. The hint of green at my shoulder represents the stem, while the champagne and rose colors reflect the actual colors of the flower.

Fashion is bold, colorful, and expressive. You can take anything and make it a fashion statement. That is what this post proves.


Dresses by Marcia Hansen Designs & The Flower Kiosk, Makeup by Seacoast Beauties, Photo’s by Jeannette Ross Art & Photography, Hair by Salon sabéha and Siren Salon

I had to include one last photo with my date for the evening. There is just something about a kilt!



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